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Real Name: Stephanie
Nick Names: (in no particular order) Stephy Puppy, Chainsaw
Resides in: Blackstone Valley, AKA the "Ass Crack of the Universe"
Favorite Colour: Purple
Hair Color: black. for now anyway
Favorite Band?: Is that question really necessary?!
Goals/Aspirations?: *sighs* I can't do anything with my life until I decide whether or not i actually HAVE one. Recent Past events have led me to believe that I don't really have a "life" and unless i stop wasting my time here in the Valley (drinking bad water, may i add) then i'm going to die a very miserable person. There you have it. My goals. Whoop-de-frickin doo.
Filtered/Unfiltered?: Newport Menthol 100s, semi-regular basis, and the answer to the other question is yes. I know the Green Guy.
Favorite Song Quote(s?): "Repression is based on love," "Immaculate conception is an ugly joke," and "I had hoped to sculpt a memory of you"
Someone once asked me this stupid question: "If I were to hold a gun to your head and ask you what your favorite Skinny Puppy song was, what would you say?"
Hmm.. tough. this person also did not give me an album choice, therefore making this question even more difficult than it already is. However, I was able to narrow the songs down by how often I listen to each particular album. I came to the conclusion that if a gun was held to my head, I would have to say "Antagonism." And if you actually bothered to read this bio page, you would understand that this question exists solely for my own amusement.
if we did the same for Download I would have to say "base metal"
In my spare time I: I have said it before, I don't have a life. The day ends with a trip to Dunkin Donuts that lasts for a couple of hours. During this time Atalanta and I talk about stupid shit, and about more important things like getting the hell out of here. I go home afterword and sleep until 4 the next day. Unless I am working the next morning. Thats a different story. Oh, and every Sunday is club night @ Hell in Providence. The one time I can have some sort of control over what everyone else listens to. This weekend Possession!!!
Best Friends forever?:Atalanta and I
Shaken or Stirred?: Violence.. violence
Outlook on life: obviously the human race is destroying itself. Everything we do is eventually going to kill us, no matter how healthy we try to keep ourselves. So what exactly is the value of life?
Favorite TV Show: Simpsons
Favorite Video Game(s): Silent Hill, Quake, Half Life

alright, i'm boring you enough, move on to something better will you?
I lead not an interesting life, and I am supposed to be working on the SP/TG/DL pages!

and just what do? you look like?
Old, bad gothy pictures.
If i ever find the moron who had the camera for these pics, i'm going to kill him