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I refer to cEvin Key (aka Kevin Crompton) as "the man himself" because of the incredible amount of projects that he has been involved in. Two of the major ones (Download and Tear Garden) have already been attacked by me. In addition to his *humble* beginnings in the Synth-pop/New Wave band Images in Vogue, some of cEvin's other projects include:

*let me know if i missed something obvious...*

cEvin key is also partly responsible for the creation of Subconscious Studios (aka SubCon). SubCon was originally located in Vancouver, but now it seems like SubCon has.. relocated? to California.

SubCon Home

SubCon is the home of Download, platEau, and Doubting Thomas. In addition to the above projects, cEvin has released a 'solo' album entitled "Music For Cats," which features the whole SubCon crew, as well as Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV doing a reiteration of the message in the the TG album "Kreme Horn" in a song titled "Beauty is the Enemy."

cEvin is currently working on a new album entitled "The Ghost in Each Room"...

Music For Cats
There are only two songs (?) with lyrics on this one