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Kevin Ogilvie, aka Nivek Ogre was the frontman for Skinny Puppy. Since the band broke, he has been involved in various other projects, including Pigface and KMFDM.
Its hard to list how many projects Ogre has been involved with. For an in-depth list please check Corey's FAQ.

I work furiously to transcribe lyrics. With Ogre, I will start first with WELT, which came out on March 20, 2001. If you still don't own it I order you to get your lazy ass away from this computer, and go buy it. its worth it, trust me.
I will have a review of the CD here shortly after the release. (still working on it)

Aside from being in Pigface, Ogre continued to work with Martin Atkins, and released a CD under the name Ritalin (the name was later changed to RX). The CD, entitled "Bedside Toxicology" is not what I was used to, believe me. I had to give this one a few listens before I decided I liked it. The lyrics leave much to the imagination...

During Skinny Puppy, Ogre was involved in a sideproject with *shudder* Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly. This project was called "Mutual Mortuary," and while no album exists, there are a few songs floating around. The track "Hateless Insanity," for example was on a compilation (I believe it was "Insane music for Insane people?" please correct me if i am wrong)

Hateless Insanity

I don't want this page to turn into a "valuable informational resource" page, because that would require constant updating... and i am bad at that. Therefore, i am only mentioning the major sideprojects. Ogre was in pigface, I believe he used to be in RevCo and he also had other projects. But don't ask me those questions, save them for the Brap Discography

Now would be a good time for me to promote my "ALA" .. the "Anti-Leeb Association." That man has caused more problems for me than I care to admit
but... I'll leave the Leeb-bashing shenanigans to pr0phet