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2/8/02okay. due to lack of motivation because i smoke too much goddamn weed, this page has not been updated in almost a year. Unfortunately, i no longer have access to my computer, or all my files, so the pictures page will have to wait. (as if it matters anymore). I'm bitchy today, you guys will have to excuse me.

Saw the Ohgr show in june of 2K1, was awesome. Met Ogre. Will have scan of autograph eventually. Pictures from the show, also eventually. Didn't get to meet Kenny, BLNT!

4/12/01persistence has not paid off, unfortunately i am still needing to update these pages, and tomorrow is my last day here. I will probably have some time to do that next week. Haven't posted page publically yet. too afraid. Must go shopping soon. become depressed recently. need something to do. stepsister being kicked out, and i don't care. fighting with people. do i honestly think you care?
3/29/01okay!!! so I lied!! I'M SORRY I'VE BEEN BUSY!!!. Not like anyone knows this exists yet. Okay... Instead of making a DVOA page, i decided to link to the existing one (which unfortunately needs updating.) I still haven't created the Dwayne page, i don't exactly know how i wish to go about doing that... I would like contributions for that. Began lyrics for "bites." Assimilate is there now. whoop de frickin doo right? Highlight of my day: recieved email from Mark Spybey.
3/15/01: Added cEvin key page, updated Rant page, and decided to go to San Fran on the 13th of April. Decided I also needed a Dwayne page, so going to be doing major updates to this thing tomorrow.
3/09/01- wrote and added the Ogre site, wrote Teargarden site and added it, added Corey's link (thanks!), realized i needed a cEvin page too, added this update page, sorted through pictures, and went on a rant. Thats what i need here, a Rant page. (time to create one) also added the irrelevant "about me" site. 3:00 pm added "rant" site . hidden link.
3/08/01- Uploaded: main site, created SP logo w/ogilvie font and about 5 minutes of spare time, made the SP link work, added album titles, came up with entire layout of SP and DL pages (including the pesky jokes), converted DL lyrics from paper to wordpad, then to here, added LPD link, added subcon link, and emailed corey.
2/25/01- finished planning and got to work on the outline of the page. (by the way.. everything is written straight HTML... somewhere i gotta put down that this was done on Word Pad first).
2/13/01- cEvin key's birthday. nothing got done today, but its relevant. for during a drunken stupor i came up with "Legendary Pink cEvin" and pondered just what the brap a "toooly hooof" was.
2/01/01- Dwayne Goettel's birthday, page design planned out on paper, user account created, page created and dedicated.

rant page