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/begin rant 3/23/01:you wanna know what really pisses me off? Police. These boys obviously don't have anything better to do than go around and terrorize the hell out of people like you and me who are JUST TRYING to live....its excessively irritating when i go to my friend's house and walk up the stairs, come downstairs 5 minutes later to see a FUCKING PARKING TICKET?!?!?! okay... when i pulled up there wasn't a friggin cop in sight.. i don't know where the brap he came from, but he didn't have to ticket me. If i would have caught him, i would have kicked him in the face. Oh, and another thing, if you are arrested....screaming "toooly hooof" at the top of your lungs while in the cell drives them insane. chances are they won't have any idea what you are talking about, and that just makes it easier to do. /end rant

/begin rant 3/22/01: Haven't ranted in a while, but thats okay. Sitting here listening to Download (of course) *sigh* whatever happened to my childhood? I remember when i didn't care about things that killed other people, or about what people thought of me. I can't even turn on the evening news anymore without being sick. its a zoo out there nowadays, you can't walk down the street without fear of being seriously hurt, or raped, or murdered, or having a bomb dropped on you, but we still do it anyway. Just like we know that pollution is bad, but we do it anyway. America has turned a blind eye to everything, and yet it gets us nowhere. It just gets little piece of shit pansies like George Dubya in the office. Why did we choose him? WHAT DID HE HAVE TO OFFER?!?! Yep. Nobody listens to me when i warn them... and i did... but thats alright. i grew up being someone who was ignored on a regular basis, and that doesn;t bother me.....but jesus christ people! /end rant

/begin rant 3/15/01: Once again it is time to get some crap off of my chest. The snowstorm proved to be almost fatal, i pulled a 180 with my crappy car and almost died... but thats another story for another day. My cd's have come in (finally!!) and i get to go pick them up tonight!!!! This is my rant for the day.
oh.. and when do the voices stop talking? "distant voices... i hear voices so i wrote..." /end rant

/begin rant 3/09/01: I have decided it was finally time to rant. It's been 2 days since Mother Nature decided to dump on us with about 4 bazillion feet of snow, and its snowing YET AGAIN. Now, for the record, i come from Minneapolis, so I should be used to this right? ..yeah.. whatever! I moved away from mpls to get AWAY FROM CRAPPY WEATHER! If i wanted snow up my ass all the time I would move to Canada! Another thing.. we should not be getting this much snow... considering the ocean is like... 30 miles away, it should not be this bad. What the brap?
Aside from the usual mess that comes along with snow, like ... oh, old people and slow drivers, we have another thing that we need to worry about. Parking Bans. Okay, someone please explain this to me because i am beyond understanding... hmm.. lets see.. we got 3 apartments in a building, and one driveway. The driveway is occupied by the two cars that belong to the people who live on the top floor, and they were there first, so out of respect they get the driveway (that is, until i kill them...) but that leaves everyone else, where are they going to park? OBVIOUSLY in the street, but its snowing so nobody can park in the street. Where are you going to put your car? WHERE?!?!?! It doesn't make sense to me, but then again, most decisions by state and town officials are stupid anyway. What type of crack were these people smoking "duhh... hey i got it.. hehheh lets PROHIBIT everyone from parking if it is snowing outside...duhh hhehheehe" some of those cars that are on those streets anyway are doing more than just getting in a plow's way they are in MY way too *ggrrrr* it just pisses me off.. i mean, what are they going to do? come upstairs and tell me that i can't park my car in front of my apartment because they feel its blocking poor old mr snowplow so they have to TOW ME?!?!?! riiiiight. It bothers me ...
so i have to go to Atalanta's today and try to find a place to put my car, otherwise i'll be in some poor loser's way, and so help me, if i end up driving behind some slow dork who doesn't understand that GAS is on the RIGHT and its not a career decision... i'm gonna go apeshit.
/end rant

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