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Whoa---it's been almost a year since an update?!
The page remains the same
This is not a news page. For the most up to date info on Skinny Puppy, Teargarden, Download, etc please check out Litany, Scott's page.

New Download CD! "Inception" :)
Check out SubCon (jesus christ guys, couldya please shorten the page address? I type this all free-hand here! :p ) for more information on ordering this cd. I understand its an Internet only release.

These pages *will be* completed sometime in the near future, I promise. (i mean it this time)

Skinny Puppy
this is also where you can find the elusive pictures page (eventually)
yes, there are lyrics in those Download songs!
Tear Garden
Legendary Pink cEvin?
transcriptions... transcriptions...
cEvin Key
the Man's solo projects

The following link up to pages that are not mine

A Duck
Legendary Pink Dots
LPD Online Centraal, an informative page that is updated regularly

Doubting Thomas (links to SubCon)
Another side project of cEv and Dwayne.

Skinny Puppy FAQ and Lyric Archive
Corey maintains this page. Bow down and worship him now.

I have also decided that I need to put up a Dwayne page, and a DVOA page

For the record, every bit of info I have on these pages has come from another source. Most of the lyrics have been transcribed by someone else and altered by me. These people are credited in the lyrics section. Except for the Download lyrics section, that was all me. (okay.. i'm lying. 4 songs off EOSP reprinted by permission) Any pictures I have here were randomly found on the Net, so if I have some of your pics here, and you have a problem with that, i don't give a fuck. If you for any reason wish to send me hate mail, knock yourself out. If you don't like my sense of humor, well.. thats another story, but the hate mail goes to the same address.
email c$

Update log

for those of you who are interested
About me

Last updated on 2/8/2002
waiting for the second ohgr cd.....
and the canadian leg of the tour...!!!