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the Tear Garden is a collaboration between cEvin key and members of the Legendary Pink Dots. (Hence, legendary pink cEvin). I have just recently became interested in this band, so unfortunately i don't have quite as much info on hand as I do about Download and Ogre's projects. More information will be posted later, once i learn more. (working on it!!!)

So far, Tear Garden has released 7 albums, the recent of which is "Crystal Mass."
Unfortunately, i do not own all of these albums

I hope to have a full lyrics site here, as many TG sites that i have found on the Net are, *ahem* lacking this VITAL information. (but its not as hard as trying to find Download lyrics!)
Except this site here:
LPD Online Centraal Official Legendary Pink Dots site, has TG lyrics as well as lyrics to LPD songs.