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I am working on this, its bad enough that i got this all uploaded in one day! I should be done with this page by tomorrow night



hey you, up there!
get it?
sat here
to say...get it?!
we know what art is today
so we will say
that something may become of this
which is what you may need
get it??!?

this is my eye
are you with me?
do you hear my...?
do you hear me???
then not worked so far??

hey you all out there
are you listening?
are you smiling?
are you listening?
are you ---freak out--- smiling?
do you understand?
i doubt it.
do you understand?
i doubt that

K,N,O,W says

I really love you, you know that?
you can hurt me and hurt me
you can immasculate me
but guess what... bad news
i LOVE you. yeah you
the only? part?
is the one i love
la la
la la la

Mother Sonne
since the lyrics to this song are printed in the 'Furnace' liner notes, i will print here the "intranscribable" lyrics at the beginning.

*What is this ?newborn? lying here?*
*what is this infant in my mind*


There once was a doormouse who lived in my bed
I love you i love you was all that she said
that cute little doormouse who lived in my bed


eyes of Stanley Pain

suni C
the lights
you have only yourself to blame
you hear distant voices
speaking only to you
special words for safe ears
telling you secrets
that only you can understand
that only you can comprehend
you imagination has been given freedom
to do whatever you want to do
and nobody will tell you to stop
to cease
or to go away
around your ??
around your glowing? head?
special lights glowing
but wait
you hear a distant hissing
you hear voices
you turn your head
the walls
the song
the birds
the body
you see everything that you want to see
everything is possible
people live good clean spirits
sons of thirteen gods
thirteen peaks
the stars
the mountains
hear the words
you are pure
you are everything and anything that you want to be
you are everything...

fire in your brain
magic in strength
money ?gets?
paranoia hits
bed of nails

turin cloud
listen.. do you hear it?
you go straight
you go straight to hell
Immaculate conception is an ugly joke

i hate the lies you speak?
*still working on this one*

H sein influence
gripping tight

this is the time
we make noises
playing the game of mixing
and we all contrived
to play this
it is a painful thing to be alone
but more painful still to be polite
more painful still to have to be so so polite
is pain so bad
when one believes in

to have ideas
to have a philosophy
by one's experience, one's life
and yet it still gets destroyed
it is so easy to destroy
amputate your destiny

you probably think i am trying to justify events
to feel less pain.....

base metal

a meat mine

if you could just see me now
hands pitted blood red
one clapsed to my chest
the other
covering my wound
base metal

like some bag of skin

i felt for one moment that I could reach out to you
that the sea in its wisdom
its green blue wisdom
could for one impulsive moment cease its spring tide

you're wasting my time*

send my aching limbs toward your totem smile
and.. that my bleeding might stop
and.... that my wounds could heal...

nobody has the decency to say anything...

and.. that my arm could weld itself to yours...

we dream together....

people pour past me.. a wilting figure


I felt as if I could see leaves
I could see summer leaves
that autumn's wind had cast to the ground

give it up

I felt as if I could sculpt time
but in one moment
this sweet clay turned to blood
sea blood

We sit in silence

I had hoped to sculpt a memory of you
sea memories
of intense colors contained within a million sea stones

spoon fed or watershed
give it up
and kill

*this line sounds more like "you wake in my time"

i hear your voice
disappears from view
your burning voice
a thousand miles away
i hear your voice
a thousand miles away
your skin so sharp
you're my, only, friend
my father used to take a drink or two when i was young
it was then, that hallucinations always dangled from his tongue
the skies ablaze with ladies legs, he used to say
they're kicking from the cloud
and splat like eggs above the crowd
can't you see them son?
distant voices
those distant voices
distant voices
those distant, voices
I hear voices so i wrote!
time it is a great healer
i hear voices so i wrote
you have time to live your hopes
and then you have just begun
to see there is more to heaven
senses told you this also
so much happens to me
i hear voices so i wrote
only once did i leave my body
others doubt the possibilites
no. earl grey tea*
make it so
insanity is just one small step away from all of us
we peer into the abyss and what do we see?
a pallid reflection of ourselves
our lives unfurling like some damp flag
yesterday's mirror
tomorrow's news
wrapped around some drunk's bottle

NOTE: *i have reason to believe that the lyrics in this song stop before it gets to this point, for i have not heard these spoken. Perhaps they are subliminal?

*the voices in this song are so wierd, i am working on deciphering the beginning*
for tomorrow is another day
this is your reward
sometimes when the night
screams into the knife
i hate everything you are
everything you are
rotten formless corpse
go away and hide
go away and die
how my heart it bleeds
vile american
everything you are

*so what you gonna do..?
i must disrespect myself*
everything you are
vile american
everything you are

Base Metal, Sidewinder, Collision, and Killfly were posted by Mark Spybey. Used with permission.


(Mark Spybey and genesis share the vocals in this song)

at last
the innocent
have finally
the innocent

this is a recording... 6..0..4.. please hang up and try your call again

its very simple of course
it all makes sense oh so absurd
for your new family
where are you now?
will you develop and grow?
this is the dream ending
this is the last call
no one can change
what may never occur

*Mark* take .. your track? believe me...
*Genesis* and naturally we can all argue about anything
M: slip back inside
g: and we do
yes, we most certainly do my dear
M: break away ???
g: everyone's felt this pain
except, for you
M:of what comfort she(he?) was
my dear
M: forgiven (give me?)
g: i'll keep my dog thank you
M: forgive me
g: and remain here, to make a decision
on behalf of it all
isn't that what you want to hear?
*vocals from here on are Mark Spybey's*
??your breath? it soothes me?
swear no lies would speak to me
give me?
i can take you away ??
multiply ???
complicate direct retractment
this is love's blood showering on me
give me
you were like
fire this ground
teeth? drilling time?? not for??
give me
*whispering continues, still don't know what is said.*

your words
the taste
of wasted dead
our lives are killfly picking meat
your prophets words are far between
our lives are killflies picking meat
all bones remain in catholic holes
your words
the taste
of wasted dead
our lives are killfly picking meat

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